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Data Science
Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2024
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If you don’t think you meet all of the criteria below but are still interested in the job, please apply. Nobody checks every box - we’re looking for candidates that are particularly strong in a few areas, and have some interest and capabilities in others.
About the role:
As an Analytics Engineer at Kong, you will be responsible for a combination of data engineering and product analytics tasks, contributing to the optimization of our data ecosystem. The successful candidate will work closely with cross-functional teams to design, develop, and maintain data pipelines, as well as perform in-depth analysis to derive actionable insights.
Why should you want to work at Kong?
Market Opportunity
We are on a quest to build a $10b+ software company over the next few years and need YOUR help!
Why APIs Matter? APIs have been enabling innovation for decades!
Strong VC team, Series D, strong year-over-year revenue growth!
Technical Leadership - We are recognized as the leader in innovation in the connectivity space.
Marco, our CTO/co-founder - “We are the Cisco of L4 and L7” - CUBE Conversation, March 2021
We are the leading innovator in the connectivity space!
Amazing Team & Culture - Come be a "Konger" and find out what we mean.
Building Great Products - Learn why the world's largest companies love our tech!
Over 250m+ downloads of our open-source API gateway! Over 60k+ stars on GitHub between Kong API and Kong Insomnia!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Data Engineering:
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to understand data requirements and design and implement scalable data pipelines.
    Develop and maintain ETL processes to ensure timely and accurate data availability for analytics purposes.
    Optimize and troubleshoot existing data pipelines for performance and reliability.
  • Product Analytics:
  • Partner with product teams to define and implement tracking mechanisms for key product metrics.
    Analyze user behavior, product usage, and other relevant data to provide insights that drive product improvements.
    Create and maintain dashboards and reports to communicate analytical findings to stakeholders.
  • Data Quality and Governance:
  • Implement data quality checks and validation processes to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our data.
    Contribute to the development and enforcement of data governance policies and best practices.
  • Collaboration:
  • Work closely with data scientists, business analysts, and other stakeholders to understand their data needs and deliver solutions.
    Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate analytics into product development processes.
  • Technology Stack:
  • Utilize tools and technologies within the Kong data ecosystem, including Snowflake, DBT, Fivetran, etc. .


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or a related field.
  • Proven experience as an Analytics Engineer or similar role with 5 + years experience.
  • Strong proficiency in data engineering, ETL processes, and database management.
  • Experience with product analytics, including defining and tracking relevant metrics.
  • Proficiency in SQL, any scripting language (Python, R) and a data visualization tool like Tableau, or Power BI.
  • Familiarity with DBT docs for data transformation.
  • Preferred Skills:
  • Familiarity with Snowflake, and reverse ETL tools is a plus
  • Experience in B2B (Business-to-Business) and/or SaaS business
Kong has different base pay ranges for different work locations globally, which allows us to pay employees competitively and consistently in different geographic markets. The compensation varies depending on a wide array of factors, including but not limited to specific candidate location, role, skill set, and level of experience. Certain roles are eligible for additional rewards including sales incentives depending on the terms of the applicable plan and role. Benefits may vary depending on location.
What is a Konger?
We are a group of makers, thinkers, and doers focused on helping today’s developers build tomorrow’s technology. Our teams work on the bleeding edge of API innovation to provide our users with a central nervous system for data and services.
We put design at the heart of everything we do, and we’re relentlessly focused on creating beautiful experiences for our customers. That’s why technology companies, major banks, e-commerce innovators, and government agencies put Kong in front of their most important web applications.
We believe in the power of Open Source and everything it stands for. That’s why developers around the world enthusiastically contribute on top of our open-source platform.
We are passionate about solving challenges that will fundamentally shape the future of technology, and we’re looking for the right people to join us on our mission. If you believe in taking ownership of your work, making an impact, and having fun along the way, we would love to talk to you.
Kong Core Values:
Be Inclusive. We work together from anywhere to achieve our common goals. Our differences make us stronger.
Be Authentic. We are genuine, principled and confident without arrogance. Show respect and kindness, especially in tough moments.
Be Relentlessly Resourceful. We work with purpose, obsession and grit. It takes muscle to do hard things and doing hard things build muscle.
Be Customer Obsessed. We care. Customers are everything, we put them at the center of everything you do. We are all empowered to make an impact.
Be Curious. We value ideas over hierarchy. Never accept the status quo. We make bold bets, fail, and learn everyday. There is always a way.
Be an Owner. We are drivers not passengers and own the quality and outcomes of our work.
About Kong:
Kong is THE cloud native API platform with the fastest, most adopted API gateway in the world (over 300m downloads!). Loved by developers and trusted with enterprises’ most critical traffic volumes, Kong helps startups and Fortune 500 companies build with confidence – allowing them to bring solutions to market faster with API and service connectivity that scales easily and securely.
83% of web traffic today is API calls! APIs are the connective tissue of the cloud and the underlying technology that allows software to talk and interact with one another. Therefore, we believe that APIs act as the nervous system of the cloud. Our audacious mission is to build the nervous system that will safely and reliably connect all of humankind!
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We are an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.