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Software Engineering, Product
Posted on Friday, June 7, 2024

Neon is an open-source company on a mission to create a cloud-native Postgres database as a service for every developer

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer who will join our Developer Productivity team.

The Developer Productivity team’s mission is to support Neon engineers be productive and to ensure they have the right tooling to test, build, and release code efficiently.

If you are passionate about reducing build and Continuous Integration run times, improving developer satisfaction, and reducing test flakiness - this role is for you!

As a DevProd engineer you innately understand the importance of fast feedback cycles and early discovery of bugs. You are an expert at at least one of Python, Golang, Rust, Javascript/Typescript. Ideally, you have experience defining and operating GitHub Action workflows or a similar technology, as well as experience with build systems.

You are data driven and collect and utilize data from various systems to make sensible changes that positively affect engineer happiness! You are a self-starter and own projects end-to-end, driving them to completion with minimal supervision.

You have empathy for engineering teams, care strongly about quality code, and implementing and scaling development best-practices.

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • has experience with Python, Golang, Rust, Javascript/Typescript (and related build chains for these languages, i.e., pip, poetry, bazel, go, cargo, webpack)
  • has used Docker containers (Dockerfiles, networking, caching, running images) and has a general understanding of Kubernetes concepts (pods, CRDs, rollouts, Helm charts)
  • has defined, operated, monitored, and improved CI/CD pipelines for multiple languages/build systems (i.e., GitHub Action workflows)
  • has strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills
  • has empathy for other engineers
  • enjoys building and owning services
  • collaborates effectively with colleagues in multiple locations, working on multiple timezones (we are a fully remote company!)

About Neon

Neon is building open-source cloud-native PostgreSQL. Our architecture separates storage from compute, allowing for stateless and serverless Postgres. We're a well-funded startup with deep knowledge of Postgres internals and decades of experience building databases. We are a systems company; we work on low-level code with strict performance and correctness requirements.

Neon was created by a team of Postgres hackers and led by CEO Nikita Shamgunov (co-founder of SingleStore). Neon is built on open-source principles and is focused on giving back to the Postgres and developer communities.

Our Team

  • We are a distributed team of 90 people working from 29 countries (concentrating around North American and European time zones)
  • We are a team built on open-source cultural principles (transparency, contribution, accountability, and proactivity)
  • Team with decades of experience building databases and deep knowledge of Postgres internals. We are deeply technical.
  • We have experienced Postgres committers and hackers on the team (check Heikki, Anastasia, Arseny, Matthias profiles)
  • We believe in the efficacy of collaborative open-source
  • We aim for a diversity of thoughts and backgrounds
  • We are keen to be a fast-moving, flat org and avoid hierarchical structures

Our Investors

  • Top-tier investors backed up Neon's vision:
    • We raised $104 million in funding from Menlo Ventures, Notable Capital, Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst, and Founders Fund.
    • Venture vehicles of Snowflake and Databricks invested in Neon.
    • Our angel investors are prominent technologists and ecosystem players. More than 20 awesome angels supported Neon, including Nat Friedman, Elad Gil, Mike Ovitz, Ajeet Singh, Guillermo Rauch, Søren Brammer Schmidt, and Wes McKinney.
    • Our Board includes Quentin Clark, Glenn Solomon, Joe Morrissey, and Tim Tully.

Our Offer

  • You have an opportunity to be an early employee in the fast-scaling ambitious team
  • You can work 100% remote: we'll handle all formalities to arrange work from your home
  • We pay top of the market in most parts of the world
  • We grant equity (stock options) to all full-time hires
  • We offer a competitive benefits package in line with all tech companies (top-notch equipment, unlimited vacations, paid parental leaves, and much more)
  • We are distributed, yet make our bonds during regular offsites (the last one was in Barcelona)